‘Michael’ the movie angel was here in Gruene, TX


Gruene, Texas, has an old time vibe and a friendly atmosphere and it’s right up the road from San Antonio.


It was easy imagining an angel skipping across these weathered boards.

That was all I needed to hear. The movie “Michael.“—you know, the one about an angel on earth and the tabloid reporters who investigated— filmed a scene just up the road apiece from San Antonio. I had a free day. I was only 45 minutes away. I was going.

In a memorable scene, the angel who fell to earth puts his dancing shoes on and steps out with all the ladies in town.

Though the location was supposed to be somewhere else, the actual filming took place in this charming little berg called, Gruene. (Pronounced GrEEn.) And the dance hall was none other than Guene Hall (It’s called Joe’s in the movie.)


This is where I found a bolo tie. Everyone needs one of those, right?

It’s said to be Texas oldest dance hall, and from the shape of the floors, it looks like thousands of dancers have scooted their boots here. It’s dark and full of atmosphere with long tables and benches, a big old bar and even bigger stage. I love standing in the places where beloved movies are made and this one was a rush. It opened early enough for me to get a peek in the dance hall and peruse all the photos of the filmmaking and the musicians who have performed here. It’s still going strong as a dance hall with lots on its calendar.

It’s not a big town. I don’t even remember a traffic light. But there was an antique shop with boots, bolo ties and enough old stuff to keep you browsing for hours. A general store with knick-knacks and doodads, hey there were shops filled with all kinds of stuff you don’t need but gotta have.


Art or merchandising? I wasn’t sure but it definitely caught my eye there in front of two fun shops.

I wandered through them all, from the Gruene General Store to Hunter Junction to the Gruene Antique Company. There were places to get a snack or a meal. There were places to stay if you wanted to spend the night. River outfitters are on hand if you want to kayak or take a raft trip down the nearby Guadelupe River.

The town has been around since the mid-1840s. Germans settled here and named the town after Ernst Gruene. This was a cotton town back then with a gin powered by the river and fields filled with the cash crop.

Maybe the town had some rough times over the years. The Depression wasn’t a picnic and the arrival of boll weevils wreaked havoc on the cotton but Gruene Hall never closed and the pretty shops, some German in style, others Victorian, are still here.


Gruene Mansion Inn includes this Victorian beauty, a carriage house and other buildings behind it with a decidedly German flair.

The town is now on the National Register of Historic Places, celebrating what’s historic while providing a friendly atmosphere and fun array of diversions for the day-tripper or the weekender.

I ended my day at the Winery on the Gruene. The winemaker here buys grapes from all over the world and turns them into Texas wines bottled right here in Gruene. A friendly place with an interesting assortment of sweet and dry bottles.

Nice way to end a visit to a town where an angel danced the night away.

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Mary K. Tilghman


Lots of reds, whites and fruit infused wines to taste at the Winery on the Gruene. All produced here from grapes grown just about everywhere.


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  1. I’ve seen Michael more times than I’d like to admit (it’s on TV a lot!) – in fact, I always say “pie” with a Southern accent specifically because of Andie MacDowell’s pie song, so I enjoyed seeing some of the filming locations! And Gruene Mansion Inn is a lovely building.

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