TIPSY TOURIST: Guinness at home


First a little history. But only a little.


Beer glasses come in different sizes. Have a taste or a pint. I drank mine before I remembered I wanted a picture.


Welcome to Baltimore, Guinness!

Even if the actual Guinness Brewery on Route 1 west of the city isn’t through construction, the fine people of this Irish institution have opened a Test Tap Room for all the thirsty people who need a glass of good Irish stout.

Or Blonde American Ale, which is what will be brewed at the Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House once it opens in 2018.

In the meantime, the bar keeps at the tap room are filling glasses with Irish stouts and lagers every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We went on a Saturday night for a glass. I tried the milk stout, dark and creamy. My husband went for the traditional stout.


Maybe it’s not a blue crab but we appreciated the sentiment of our favorite crustacean paired with our favorite stout.

Felt like we were on a wee bit of the old sod for a moment. You see we never go to Dublin without a stop at Guinness. The tap room there is at the top of their brewery, with floor to glass windows that offer wonderful views of the town.

This one is on the ground floor with no view whatsoever but…it didn’t seem to matter. The beer was good. A food truck hummed outside with sandwiches and such. The mood was convivial. We met young and old, but all of them already fans of Ireland’s  most famous brew.

While the new facility is under construction at the home of the former Calvert Distillery,  we think it was mighty friendly of the company to open shop early.


See all the purple? It was Purple Friday and the Ravens fans were out for a sip of Guinness. 

Ⓒ Text and photos Mary K. Tilghman


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