Denver’s dollar tour at the Money Museum


Currency from throughout American history are on display at the Money Museum in Denver..


Confederate currency is included in the displays.

The Mile High City is home to a branch of the U.S. Mint so I was ready to go on a tour. How often can you see where they make the money I so love to spend?

Trouble was, I was there on a Friday. There are no tours on Friday. I had to do the second best thing. The Money Museum, in the Federal Reserve Bank, is a good second choice.

I find money endlessly interesting. And here I could see bills from throughout United


Art from discarded cash. I was so impressed to see thin strips of shredded bills decorating this old shoe.

State history, including Confederate bills, and fractional currency that replaced coins the people started hoarding metal during the Civil War. There was shredded money, shredded money used in works of art — you could even take home a bag of shredded money. (Good luck piecing it back together.)

There were stations for designing your own money, including adding your own wonderful visage to a bill.


A visual display of your bank account, right? Yeah, mine too.

There’s a stack of $30 million dollars to admire, too.

You won’t spend a day here. It’s teeny. But you will have an enjoyable hour here among the nation’s greenbacks.

And did I mention, it’s free. Bring your driver’s license or other official photo ID. You need to have that and go through a metal detector to get in.


Once you pose for your picture, the results are emailed to you. George, Tom, Ben and Harriet don’t have a thing to worry about. This face ain’t going on any U.S. currency.

Ⓒ Text and photos Mary K. Tilghman 



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