POSTCARD from Baltimore’s Recreation Pier


The arched window of the Sagamore Penury’s Rec Pier Chop House looks out on colorful Thames Street in Fells Point


The Rec Pier Chop House.

For years, the Recreation Pier in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood was remembered mostly as the set of the television show, “Homicide: Life on the Streets.”

Once the series ended, the Baltimore City Police signs that were only used by the TV show and not the BCPD, reminded Baltimoreans of those days in the spotlight.


Just beyond the lobby is this outdoor/indoor courtyard with lots of seating, plants and a fireplace.

The spotlight is on this venerable old place again, this time because Under Armour’s Kevin Plank has led the charge to transform it into an understated, elegant boutique hotel called the Sagamore Pendry. Open only a few weeks, it’s already attracting lots of attention.

I had an opportunity to drive by and take a peek. And that peek became lunch in the Rec Pier Chop House and an informal tour of the first floor public spaces.

What can I say? Things have changed at the Recreation Pier. Wow have they changed!


It was too cold for swimming when I visited the Sagamore Penury. But won’t it be lovely lounging by the pool overlooking Baltimore’s harbor. Under Armour’s headquarters are directly across the harbor from the hotel.

Ⓒ Text and photos Mary K. Tilghman


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    • It will be interesting to see the effect. Fells Point has been a popular city neighborhood for a very long time. Always hopping. Always quirky. Always a joy.

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