The High Line over New York City


The High Line Park in Manhattan draws a crowd on a sunny Saturday.


Need to take a break. These chaises rest on old train tracks. They even have wheels. 

I love to walk the streets of New York City. Daaahling, I love you but give me Fifth Avenue. (Anybody else remember that old line? Old “Green Acres” song.)

Now I have a new favorite. The High Line. A public park on Manhattan’s Lower West Side, the park resurrects the old elevated train lines into a park filled with greenery, art and, from the looks of it, happy people.

New Yorkers did almost all of the work that


Art adds to the fun.

turned an out of date train track into a walking path high above the traffic, trash and busy-ness of Manhattan.

Now open for about eight years, the 1.45 mile long park is a place I want to visit again and again. There are places to sit, reminders of the old tracks, art to capture your attention, greenery to help you forget you’re in a gigantic city. Of course, there’s a little souvenir kiosk at the southern end as well as at 14th and 30th Streets.

While I was near the southern end at Gansevoort Street, I found myself looking out over the Hudson River to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty and beyond them, New Jersey. Water views will distract me every time. It was a nice way to end the southerly walk. Time then to turn around. Had to go back where we started. Nice.


The High Line Park remembers its beginnings as part of an elevated train system. 


Ⓒ Text and photos Mary K. Tilghman


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  1. Oh yes this is new since we last visited NYC….hmmm some time back.
    Always in the vicinity but never into the city…Next time yes we will see it too!

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