LET’S GO: Butler barns driving tour


There aren’t enough days in the week or months in the year to see everything I want to see. So when I hear of something good — even if I can’t go myself — I’m going to pass it along.

Welcome to “Let’s go.”

Butler County, north of Pittsburgh, is a place of rural beauty, rolling fields and farms that raise grain and alpacas. With those bucolic vistas in mind, I bring you the Barn Tour of Butler County.

barnsbutlercoThe Butler County tourism folks have set up a self-guided driving trail for a day of wandering through the countryside, looking for cows and admiring the wide variety of barns. Barns come in all kinds of sizes and colors. Most of the barns along the trail were built in the 19th century. At least one was built near the turn of the 21st. The sturdy 1800s barn of Cotacachi Farm has rafters built from entire trees and it shelters quarter horses. Betsy’s Barn at Cheeseman Farm was built in 1999 and has witnessed weddings, reunions and festivals.

Autumn makes me yearn for the countryside. Sometimes I want to see vineyards. Sometimes I gotta see covered bridges. Sometimes, there’s nothing like the sight of a barn at the crest of a golden field.

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Barn photo, webpage screen shot courtesy  Butler County Tourism and Convention Bureau