Colorful Matlacha


IMG_2489Matlacha, an artist’s village in Southwest Florida, never fails to dazzle me with its colors. Some are the work of Mother Nature. Others come from the paintbrush of local artists and artisans.

Every second of my visits every thing I see is bright and full of life. There are just enough galleries and gift shops, ice cream parlors and bars to keep me happy for a sunny afternoon. I just left and I’m ready to go back already.

By the way, according to their website, it’s pronounced MAT-luh-SHAY!!

 ⓒ Text and photos Mary K. Tilghman


Just beyond the colorful business of Matlacha, a serene vista.



4 responses to “Colorful Matlacha

  1. Hi from rainy and icy Finland! So pretty and colourful. We were in the area for New Years but didn’t have the time to visit Matlacha.

    • With relatives in the area every winter, Southwest Florida has become a special place. Hope you can visit another time and I hope to see your beautiful country one of these days.

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