Postcard from Monet’s kitchen


Claude Monet’s kitchen is itself a work of art, filled with bright color, shiny copper pots and lots of space for cooking and eating.


What a warm, sunny room. (And we were there on a cloudy day.)

I have long been intrigued by the kitchen of Claude Monet. I know, I know, it’s the paintings, silly! Or at least the fantastic gardens that surround the Impressionist’s house in Giverny. But I love kitchens and since I first saw pictures of his sunny yellow chairs and walls, I have been drawn to these beautiful spaces. At last, this past summer, I was able to walk in this culinary space. It could have been better only is the room smelled of olive oil and herbs, a roast chicken, perhaps, or a tarte tatin cooling on the table.



I’m just crazy about all the blue and white tile.

I send this postcard as a small army of workers tears apart my own kitchen. I’m sad to see my beloved (but falling apart) cupboards and countertops go but I look forward to a new space where I can fill the air with the aromas of olive oil and herbs, a roast chicken, perhaps and a tarte tatin cooling on the table. (Now to find a good recipe for a tarte tatin….)


ⓒ Photos and text Mary K. Tilghman


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