Postcard from Deep Creek Lake

A cold Friday night makes it possible to fire up the snowmaking equipment on the slopes at Wisp.
Our family begins every new year on the ski slopes of Western Maryland. Not this year.

We were in Deep Creek Lake as usual. But unseasonably mild temperatures had kept it too warm for snowmaking.

At last the temperatures dropped and the slopes at Wisp began to turn white. It’s an amazing process to see. We watched expectantly, hoping to see slopes white enough to ski on.

I’ve been coming to Wisp since I was 20 — and this was the first time there wasn’t enough snow for skiing.

Oh well, we found other things to do. There’s always something to do at Deep Creek.


We had the ice rink all to ourselves for most of our skating session. All around us snow swirled — from the snowmaking equipment.

ⓒ Text and photos Mary K. Tilghman