Nominated for the Liebster Award

liebster2A fellow blogger has nominated me for the Liebster Award, an award given by bloggers and for that I must thank the writer of TravellersFootprint. I am honored.

A Day Away began while I was writing for Frommer’s Travel Guides. I wrote the guide for Maryland and Delaware and had the  most marvelous days away as part of my “work.” After I listed hours and short descriptions for small museums or fun little restaurants or saloons, I had experiences I wanted to write about that had nowhere to go. A Day Away was born. It offered lots of opportunities to write about places to go and things to see beyond the travel guide (no longer in print, I’m sad to say) and beyond the borders of Maryland and Delaware.

Liebster Blog Awards were started in Germany to recognize the work of bloggers, and offer a platform for fellow bloggers to appreciate the work of other writers. Thanks to TravellersFootprint for passing along the rules used to govern this award.

So what are these rules?

  1. You must nominate 5 bloggers who have less than 300 followers and letting them know this by commenting on one of their posts. You can also reciprocate by nominating the blogger who has nominated you!
  2. Answer the set of questions asked and also ask 11 questions to the bloggers you have nominated.

First, I must nominate five of my favorite bloggers —

Then, here are my questions for these  nominees–

  1. What shoes do you take when you travel?
  2. Do you use a phone or a camera to shoot photos?
  3. Do you print your travel photos or keep them digitally?
  4. On long trips, do you plan a daily itinerary or decide as you go?
  5. Are you a traveler in your own hometown? Where should I go when I visit your town?
  6. What made you start your blog?
  7. Where have you been that you hated to leave?
  8. How do you pass the time when you have to wait?
  9. What trip surprised you?
  10. Are printed travel guides passe? Do you rely on them?
  11. What’s your favorite souvenir?

And finally, here are the answers to TravellersFootprint’s questions —

  1. Do you consider yourself to be a tourist or a traveller? I’m an unabashed tourist. Even in my hometown, I love seeing the places that are famous: historical sites, popular restaurants, museums and national parks. If the guide books like it, so do I. 
  2. What is your preferred way to relax in your holiday? Walking. And then more walking. On a recent visit to Paris, we logged 57 miles in a  week. My feet complained but my dear husband never did.
  3. Are you a solo traveller or like to travel with friends and family? I have done both and believe both have their own charms. But when I travel solo I find I want to go home and grab someone to go see the place again. 
  4. How do you prefer to travel in the destination, is public transport your mode of choice? In cities, I love trains and subways. When we’re out of town, we often rely on bus tours, too. They know where we’re going. (See answer to first question. I’m a tourist through and through.)
  5. Have you ever been intimidated by locals and how have you dealt in such a situation? Only by the language barrier. I tend to be timid but a smile gives me courage.
  6. If you have to choose between stay in a city and countryside, what would you prefer? Can’t choose. I’ve loved cities from Sydney to Dublin to Baltimore. But beaches, wine country, and wide open spaces are always delightful.
  7. If you have to choose between a Hostel and a Bed n Breakfast Inn, what would you prefer? Never stayed in a hostel. Like the comfort and friendliness of a small inn or bed and breakfast.
  8. Where do you prefer to have your meals? Street food or fine dine restaurants? I love the pride and care offered by small places, from restaurant to crepe kiosk. The food is always more delicious when you meet the people who create it.
  9. Are you a backpacker or spend money on top of the line hotels and travel business class on long haul flights? Not a backpacker. I’ve stayed in top hotels and I’ve stayed in lowly chains. All I really want is a place to rest after walking those 57 miles. And maybe wi-fi.
  10. How has travel changed you, if at all? I’ve learned to go with the flow when the plane doesn’t leave on time or the traffic jam ensures I’ll be late. I now realize how different we all are — except when we’re not. I cherish every place I visit and every person I meet and think of them and my experience all the time. Every trip makes me love my home more and makes me want to pack my bag for another trip.

Now back to work, if you can call this work.

Thanks again for the  nomination, TravellersFootprint.


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  1. What a lovely post … it’s nice to get to “know” you a little more. Time for you to head back out down to Skyline Drive again. Things are starting to turn down here in Central Virginia … it will be a spectacular autumn I know! If you’re ever down Madison & Orange way … 🙂

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